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Acreaty Ghana launches maiden Human Resource survey

Acreaty Ghana launches maiden Human Resource survey

Acreaty Ghana, a human capital company, on Tuesday, February 13  launched the maiden Human Resource survey for the banking sector in Accra.

The Ghana Banking Human Resource Survey is an Employee Opinion Survey which will look into compensation and benefits of workers in the banking sector, job satisfaction, relationship with management, job motivation, job change, competitor compensation and “Ideal” financial institution for compensation.

It will provide the banking sector with the needed information of their employees for effective planning purposes.

Speaking at the launch of the survey, the Regional Managing Director of Acreaty Ghana, Ms Elsie Appau said the study was necessitated based on the lack of information available in the banking sector.

“There is so much disparity and the lack of information when it comes to banks benchmarking themselves. Having relevant based information on remuneration and salaries to properly compensate of staff.

“If you go to bank A and you even what to understand their HR structure and systems and how they determine remuneration and reward packages for their staff, you release that it is in none existence”

Ms Appau said the purpose of the survey is to gather in-depth scientific data on job satisfaction across the banking sector.

Take good care of yourself

She added that there was the need to ensure that staffs were well taken care off and their succession well planned.

“Before you do that you need to understand the opinion of the people and what they stood for and their contribution to the development of their banks or their institutions.

“So Based on these information we said why we don’t we help these banks who do not have fully the capacities to conduct these surveys to inform their planning purposes. As we all know human beings are the most vital part of every organization and if you do not give them the right incentives, if you do not compensate them properly, you are likely to be losing them”.

Ms Appau also pointed out that performance management was key to the development and growth of any banking institution, adding that it behooves on employees to increase their productivity and enjoy the best of incentives.

Elaborating on the survey, the Head of Businesses Consulting, Mr Kwebena Adjekum said the survey would focus on the 35 banks in the country.

This, he said will be in the form of mobile technology, with a random questionnaire distributed to staff of the banks.

In addition, he said there will be unbiased analysis, reporting and presentation, adding that there will be stakeholder engagement on key findings and impact.

Mr Agyekum further stated that the platform created is flexible and would help the company get the necessary information needed because the questionnaires were arranged to answer most of the problems of the employees.

Skill development key

For his part, the Chairman of Acreaty Ghana, Dr Ken Kwaku said universities and the banking institute should look at skill development and not credentials.

“Too many of our training is geared toward certificates; it’s geared towards credentials and not on the know-how. It too much know -who and not know how. I think if we focus on getting skills people having knowledge to do specific jobs, and not just the certificate I think we will moving further forward”.

  • Date April 27, 2018
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